Happy Spring! Issue 2 Has Arrived!

The second issue of Zhoupheus is finally available in both printed AND digital format!


"From the Editors" excerpt

The vernal equinox was and still is a time of year during which the rebirth of nature is celebrated. It is a time of fertility, of new beginnings. What better day to release the second issue of Zhoupheus. Our goal has always been to be a platform and fertile ground for artistic and intellectual output that challenges the standards put in place by the overarching cultural consensus. To accomplish this once more, we have assembled a group of artists and writers who have definitely made it their life’s mission to be ever more innovative in their respective fields. We have attempted to cross-fertilize their work by offering each contributor’s take on the notions of magic and art…

Order Details

Printed: $15.00 / €11.50
8.25” x 10.75”, 68 pages in 35 spreads, several pages in full colour. Printed in high quality with spine on matte 60# text stock.
Purchase the printed: http://www.magcloud.com/user/zhoupheus

Digital PDF: $2.00 / €1.50
PDF: 68 pages in 35 spreads. Viewable on your standard Adobe Reader. Maximum of 3 downloads per purchase.
Purchase the digital PDF: http://pul.ly/b/58885